What's in the EMELEE Essentials Pack?

We are outdoor enthusiasts too and know that when you recreate outdoors and have to carry all your gear, every gram counts! So if its in the pack it better be useful. 

 Weighing approximately 1lb and small enough to fit in a running pack, the EMELEE Essentials kit contains what you need and nothing you don't. 


Here's a link to our YouTube video of what's in the pack


EMELEE Reflective Sack - Even the pack is useful. It is very reflective so the flashlights of the rescuers can see it more easily (see image below, EMELEE sack next to the tent).  It is also waterproof and can be used to carry water in an emergency. 


Water Treatment Tablets -  Each tablet treats 1-2 Litres of water. If your drink container is less than 1 Litre, split the tablet or use your EMELEE Sack. The top of the M of EMELEE is approx. 1 Litre. Read and follow instructions provided with tablets.

EMELEE Whistle /LED light/ Compass -

  • Whistle – periodically blow your whistle so that people can hear you and find you. It will be louder than your voice, and you will save energy by not shouting.
  • LED light – try to use as little as possible and save it for when you need it.
  • Compass – if you have a map and you think you know where you are, you can use the compass as an aid to get back to a trail/exit.
  • Other features of this item: Mirror/Temperature Gauge/Magnifier

EMELEE Poncho - This will keep you warm. Put it under your backpack or jacket. You can also strap it to you to keep out any drafts. The plastic helps keep you warm by reducing evaporation, so it must be close-fitting to maximize the benefit.

EMELEE Tarp/Emergency Blanket - This item can be used with the ropes as a tarp to build a shelter or on the ground as a barrier to cold/wet ground. Build the shelter as low to the ground as possible. It will keep you warmer. If there is a gap in the trees or you are out in the open, lay it out flat so the rescue helicopter can see it (see image below).  

Rope - To be used as needed (with the tarp to build a shelter, tie splints to broken limbs, etc.).

EMELEE Foil Bivy Sack - If you are stationary, put on your poncho, then get in this bag for warmth. You can also add a hand warmer.

EMELEE Duct Tape - This can be used in several ways, repairs to shoes, packs, other gear. As an emergency blister pad, keeping splints/bandages in place. Or to make a carrying strap. Probably the most used item in my pack (other than pain killers).

Firesticks & Strike Paper - Gather material to burn (wood, bark, dried/dead plants). Look under fallen trees for dry material. Then, use firesticks to start the fire. The strike paper is the brown flat square and is in the bag with the other medication. Keep the strike paper separate from the firesticks unless in use. Never start a fire in a dry forest.

Knife - To be used as needed. It can be used with a rock to split wood for a fire.

Vinyl Gloves (latex-free) - Can be used to deal with a medical emergency,  to keep your hands cleaner, however the main reason they are in the pack is to help keep your hands warm, plastic is very effective at trapping in body heat and these work amazingly well..

Hand Warmers - Use as directed on the package.  Place in gloves/bivy sack/clothes/etc. to provide additional warmth. Tip -activate one at a time to conserve items.

Sunscreen - Handy for those days when you started below the cloud and ended up above it. Use as directed on the packet.

Electrolyte (dehydration) Replenisher - If you have been sweating and feel dizzy, and/or are cramping add the electrolytes to water and drink. Use as directed on the packet.

Energy Gel - Use as an energy source if you have run out of food.

Blister Pads - If an area of skin is feeling hot, cover with the blister pad as soon as possible to prevent further discomfort. Use EMELEE Duct Tape to cover additional blisters if necessary.

Band-Aid - Use to cover minor wounds.

Steri-strips - Use to help close wounds. Then duct tape one of the ziplock bags over the wound to help keep clean. 

Antiseptic Wipes - Use as directed on the packet. Use for cleaning minor wounds (you should use water for significant injuries, you can cut the corner of the ziplock bag and fill it with water to flush the wound).

Insect Repellant Wipes - Use as directed on the packet. No insect repellent (available in Canada) works brilliantly at repelling insects (from experience), so don't expect miracles, but it's better than nothing.

Afterbite Wipes - Use as directed on the packet, for insect bite relief.

Benadryl Tablets - Use as directed on the packet.

Pain Relief Tablets - Use as directed on the packet.

Diarrhea Tablets (stomach relief) - You only need to have diarrhea in the wilderness once to forever more carry these tablets when you are out there. Use as directed on the packet.

Cloth Towelettes - These are super small and super cool. Add water to the puck to turn it into a cloth for toilet paper, wipes, or tissues.

Zap Straps - Use to tie or strap things as needed.


Just about everything that is in the pack is there for a reason and has often been learned the hard way!! Feel free to reach out to us, either in the comments below or via info@emeleeoutdoors.com, if you want to hear the stories behind the items. 

To view the EMELEE packs click HERE


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