Our Story

The two female founders of EMELEE Outdoors have been friends and trail running partners for more than a decade. Every year we cover thousands of self-propelled kilometres and have traversed pretty much every type of terrain from deserts and canyons to snowy mountain passes and everything in between.

We have learned, sometimes the hard way, that when you spend time running, climbing, skiing, kayaking, hiking, and camping, things can go wrong, assistance can take a long time to arrive, and you need to be self-sufficient until help can get there.


When traveling by human power, every gram counts! So if it is in your pack, it had better be lightweight and essential. And yes, we too have stories of when we left crucial gear at home because our packs were too heavy, and we thought it was a low-risk trip.

EMELEE Outdoors was born on a Sunday run in the forest. A conversation started about a recent tragedy and the importance of outdoor survival and preparation even on short hikes when you don’t think anything will go wrong. Our thoughts became a solution, and we decided:

  • We should do something to help prevent possible tragedies.
  • We should produce a lightweight essentials kit with supplies to stay safe while waiting for assistance.
  • We should put to good use the years of experience, the Wilderness First Responder training, the ski patrol, and outdoor educator experience and turn it into something to help others.

We spent hours researching contemplating, and the result is a reflective, waterproof pack that carries twenty-five items to provide security, reassurance, and comfort in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.

Whether a new or seasoned adventurer, we hope you enjoy the outdoors safely for many years and take us along for the journey.

EMELEE Outdoors

No journey is too short not to carry the essentials.