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EMELEE Outdoors 10 Essentials Pack

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The Essentials Pack is for trips +10km away from the nearest road/help.

At this distance, you are likely to be waiting +8 hours for help and possibly overnight. This pack is also handy for families as it covers a lot of potential incidents that can happen outdoors. 

EVERY GRAM COUNTS when you have to carry your sport-specific gear. 

At approx. 1lb, this essentials kit has what you need and nothing you don’t. 

Each item has a reason for being in there (often learned the hard way), and we have worked hard to find the smallest, lightest versions of everything in the pack.


·        Carrying Sack - Reflective, Waterproof, holds 1.75L

·        Emergency Bivy Sack 

·        Whistle/Emergency Light/Compass Combo

·        Emergency Blanket/Tarp 

·        Hooded Poncho

·        Water Treatment tablets (qty 10, treats 10L of water)

·        Hand Warmers (qty 2)

·        Plastic Gloves (keep your hands warm)

·        Fire Starters (qty 2) & Strike paper

·        Paracord Rope (4 x 2 metres)

·        Duct Tape 

·        Zip Ties (qty 3)

·        Energy Gel

·        Electrolytes

First Aid

·        Antiseptic Wipes (qty 2)

·        Band-Aids (qty 3)

·        Steri-Strips (qty 5)

·        Blister Pads (qty 2)

·        Insect Repellant Wipes (qty 2)

·        Sting Relief Wipes (qty 2)

·        Sunscreen 

·        Cloth Wipes (qty 3)



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