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EMELEE Outdoors Bare Minimum Pack

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The Bare Minimum Pack is for trips 1-5km away from the nearest road/help. 

You’re just going local, staying on trails you know well. You’re not going to get lost, and you’re going to be back long before dark, so why carry an essentials kit?

What if you roll your ankle, break a limb, bang your head?

The Bare Minimum Kit is the size of a cell phone and is what it says, the bare minimum you should carry just in case something happens.


·        Carrying Sack - Reflective, Waterproof, holds 1.75L

·        Whistle/Emergency Light/Compass Combo

·        Emergency Blanket/Tarp 

·        Hooded Poncho

·        Water Treatment tablets (qty 10)

·        Hand Warmers (qty 2)

·        Plastic Gloves 

·        Duct Tape 

·        Electrolytes

First Aid

·        Antiseptic Wipes (qty 2)

·        Band-Aids (qty 3)

·        Steri-Strips (qty 5)

 ·       Cloth Wipes (qty 3)

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